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School Life

 Some people think that school years are the happiest in their life. As for me, I can not say whether it is right or wrong. I am still young. I am 15 years old, and it is difficult for me to say whether my future will be more happy than my past. Moreover, school takes so much time that I hardly have time for anything else. I have classes in the first half of the day and in the evening I have to do my homework, which takes me several hours. Sometimes I have to sit up to write a composition, prepare a report, or learn a poem. Autumn and spring holidays are very short. Summer is the only time when I can forget about school. But it is impossible to do so. Little by little I start to understand that school plays a very important part in the life of every person, and knowledge gained at school is the key to the future success or failure.

         School years may certainly fairly happy. However, there are a lot of problems even today connected with school life and the formation of the personality. People think differently about this time of their life experience. School years are the time of great expectations and great emotions. School is the first true experience of the real life. But here at school the person not only accumulates knowledge, school helps the pupils to get on in life and become successful.

         In a way it is a kind of society in miniature. School society is a model of real society with its advantages and disadvantages. School lessons are not given by teachers only. The harsh reality of every day school life teaches pupils a lot of lessons which will be useful in their later life.

         School plays a very important social role. It provides high quality education for pupils between the ages of 6 and 17. It brings together children with different interests and experience. School offers pupils the opportunities to develop their abilities, satisfy their curiosity, and realize themselves as individuals. At school pupils are taught to be responsible, gallant, and honest. School helps pupils to establish for themselves a set of convictions and beliefs. School provides high‑quality conditions that will enable pupils and teachers to make the most of their time. School enables pupils to continue their education or start working.

         Now I want to say some words about my school. My  school is a general secondary school specializing in English. It is a three‑storied building. On the ground floor you can see a gym, a dining hall, administrative offices, a cloakroom, a library. There are also primary classes on the ground floor. On the first floor you can visit our school museum. There are a lot of comfortable classrooms of Russian, Mathematics, Geography  and other subjects. The second floor is dedicated entirely to English.  There are a lot of English classrooms there. The walls of the corridors are decorated with different beautiful pictures. Our classrooms are very cosy and home‑like, because there are lots of flowers and posters on the walls, nice curtains hang on the windows. We help to keep our school clean and tidy by being on duty.

         The teachers of our school are professionals. They do their best to help us study. Our teachers possess a talent for finding  vivid examples and for explaining the most difficult things in a simple way.We respect our teachers for being so self‑possessed and democratic. I think that the knowledge I got from my teachers will help me enter the University.

         My favourite school subject is -----, because ------. But  I am not very good at -----. It  is difficult  for me to ----.

         I spend much time at school. But at school we do not only study. We have some extracurricular activities as well. They are a part of our school life. Our social and cultural life is well organised. We often goto the museums and theatres. I like my classmates and we often spend our time together. I feel that I can rely upon my friends in difficult circumstances. In conclusion I can say that I am very happy at my school.

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